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Kundalini Yoga: harmony between mind, body and spirit

Ready to break free from the daily hustle and discover a holistic approach to well-being? Look no further than Kundalini Yoga – where dynamic movements, intentional breathwork, and meditation converge to create a personalized prescription for harmony between your mind, body, and spirit. Now, let’s pull back the curtain on what goes down in a […]

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Push It… Real Good

by Dr. Alyssa Dawson, PT DPT, pelvic health specialist As a pelvic floor physical therapist, talking all about bladder habits, sexual activity, and bowel regularity is quite literally, my job. We all poop… yet how much do we really know about what is normal and when we should seek help? In this post, we are

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Summer Feet

How to Keep Your Feet Happy in Sandals​ It’s the time of the year that we change our wardrobe and footwear to match the warmer temperatures, and with that naturally comes changes to your feet. Many of us swap out sneakers or boots for sandals, often in favor of the easy on- easy off kind.

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Yoga + Posture

How Yoga Can Improve Posture + Body Awareness My Mom would repeatedly tell me to “stand up tall” or “sit up straight” growing up. Thinking she was being paranoid and overprotective, while also not understanding the significant role that my posture was playing in my own well-being, I chose to disregard her. I wish I

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Not Just Kegels

Keep Your Pelvic Floor Happy & Healthy​ Not Just Kegels! A healthy pelvic floor goes far beyond doing your kegels each day. In fact, most clients experiencing pelvic floor symptoms don’t need to do kegels to get better. Often, an increase in tension and difficulty relaxing and lengthening your pelvic floor muscles is the problem.

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Remember to Breathe

The Importance of breathing, breathwork and information on how to properly breath Breath and breathwork is a powerful tool we have that can make significant and positive changes to our minds and bodies. Our breath and our nervous system directly affect each other.  In times of stress we tend to breathe shallow and fast. Also, bad habits

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Important information on concussions and common misconceptions

Myth Busting & Common Misconceptions About Concussions​​​​​​​​

Important Information on Concussions & Common Misconceptions ”The MRI showed no concussion”. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury, which typically does NOT present with structural brain damage/changes. Therefore, an MRI will be inconclusive. If there are concerns for concussion, then a physical and neurological exam should be performed to make a diagnosis. “I

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What to Expect for your Pelvic Health PT Evaluation

Dr. Amy E Smith explains how the pelvic floor worksA Pelvic Health Evaluation at Roots is Comprehensive. Our pelvic health specialists will talk with you about your history, about your condition and any factors that may be contributing to your condition. We’ll discuss your nutrition, hydration and diet, activities and exercise, bladder and bowel health

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