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Massage Therapy

We offer custom massage therapy options for All Bodies. Danielle specializes in therapeutic (deep tissue) work, relaxation (swedish) massage, and prenatal (pregnancy) massage. Your experience will be tailored to your unique needs. 60' Custom Massage 90' Custom Massage

Roots Physical Therapy + Yoga

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Danielle is a licensed massage therapist and 200 Hour RYT who possesses a passion for helping others find physical and energetic balance.

Roots Physical Therapy + Yoga
Roots Physical Therapy + Yoga


At Roots Physical Therapy, our Reiki services are a gentle and compassionate way to promote healing and balance in both your body and spirit. Our experienced Reiki practitioners provide a nurturing and supportive environment where you can experience the soothing and transformative effects of this ancient Japanese healing art.

Whether you're coping with physical pain, emotional stress, or simply seeking a profound sense of inner peace, our Reiki services offer a compassionate and holistic approach to your healing journey. At Roots Physical Therapy, we're here to nurture your body, mind, and soul, guiding you toward a state of greater harmony and self-care.

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