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We're excited to offer the opportunity to explore movement in safe and enjoyable way. We offer small, intimate classes with a focus on helping to make community-based movement a casual, enjoyable and sustainable part of each person’s life.

What makes us different?

At Roots, we believe yoga is for everyone. Just like in our physical therapy practice, we bring a specialized, individualized approach to our yoga program. Our goal is to create a bridge between healthcare and community-based wellness by fostering a mind-body connection in individuals of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and health histories. Roots teachers bring experience and expertise in a wide range of yoga, healthcare, and wellness practices, offering a safe and welcoming yoga experience for all.

Along with traditional vinyasa and flow classes, we offer specialized yoga classes such as Yoga for Healthy Aging, Queer Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Somatic Yoga, Chair Yoga, Donation-Based Community Yoga, and more. We also offer private and semi-private yoga sessions for an even more personalized experience.

Our Unique Yoga Experience

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Roots specializes in a holistic and hands-on approach to care, offering the opportunity to explore movement in a safe and enjoyable way in sessions that are:

  • Intimate– Small classes in a spacious setting
  • Inclusive– Our community includes teachers and students of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, identities 🌈 and experience levels. In fact, we LOVE working with beginners and those who “aren’t flexible enough to do yoga.”
  • Individualized – Highly-trained instructors follow therapeutic protocols informed by your health and injury history to ensure your experience is healing and enjoyable, and that you progress at the rate you are comfortable with.
  • Incomparable – Roots is uniquely positioned to translate the physical and emotional benefits of yoga within a community environment that fosters a casual, welcoming, and relaxed experience.
  • Convenient -Our well-designed yoga studio is nestled in a historic building on the East Side of Providence with free parking and easy access for RI and MA clientele. We also offer classes at a variety of times to help fit into your schedule.

Roots Yoga
Session Fees

Our drop in rate is $25/class. Classes are 60 - 90 minutes in length (most classes are 60-minutes) and have a therapeutic focus. Classes are taught by highly qualified, experienced instructors who invest in the success of each student.
*Yoga Class Passes are now available! Choose from a 6-class pass for 125 (buy 5, get 1 class free) and a 10 class pass for 200 (buy 8, get 2 classes free). Contact us at Jaclyn@rootsspecialty.com to purchase.

Roots Physical Therapy + Yoga

Meet Our Instructors

Our highly trained and experienced team is here to help you achieve your individual goals! Check out the wonderful staff which helps make Roots who we are.

Featured Event

Join us for a one-hour yoga class designed to keep you movin’ and groovin’ at any age! These classes are accessible to ALL, and designed to help you safely build strength, maximize your mobility, improve your posture and improve your balance in a casual, warm and welcoming environment.

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