We're psyched you’re here and hope we get to know you better! Roots is a specialty physical therapy and yoga practice providing expert, hands-on treatment in an individualized, client-centered manner.

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Our unique approach to healing and wellness reflects the organic alignment between physical therapy and yoga, blending best practices to achieve optimal outcomes.

We understand clients come to us with different backgrounds and needs. At Roots, we collaborate with you to take that information into account and tailor a treatment plan that supports your individual goals.


We meet you where you are! 


  • The experience and educational level of our staff means that for every Roots visit, you are in hands you can trust. 
  • We are an inclusive community welcoming diverse populations who connect with who we are and what we offer.
  • No one says we can’t have fun! The Roots culture is professional yet casual and comfortable, making the experience positive and keeping us all motivated.

Physical Therapy

Healing from an injury or illness is a highly personal experience. The Roots approach focuses on the whole person as opposed to a body part, joint, or injury. It encourages healing and sustains wellness.

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Designed to meet your needs, ability, and comfort level, our specialty yoga classes range from exploring movement in a safe and enjoyable environment to tailored programs that meet fitness, mobility, and performance goals.

What all yoga sessions have in common is the Roots team of health and wellness professionals who specialize in a therapeutic, inclusive, and personalized approach to yoga and movement.

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Additional Services

Roots offers many additional services to contribute to your health and wellness journey such as Massage Therapy, Therapeutic BodyWorks and Dry Needling. See which services may be a fit for you!

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A Celebration of Diversity: Roots Non-Discrimination Policy🌈


We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, age, gender or gender identity, body size or composition, nationality, physical ability (or disability), marital status, military status, or social affiliation(s). IN FACT, WE CELEBRATE THESE DIFFERENCES AND FIND THEY HAVE CREATED A DIVERSE AND WELCOMING COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE WE RESPECT. 

     At Roots, you are welcome, you are heard, seen, and respected as the MOST IMPORTANT member of your health and wellness team.

Don’t Just Take Our Word

We've dedicated ourselves to the success and wellbeing of our clients. See what our community has to say about their experiences and find our why we have a 5 star Google rating.

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