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Receiving 3 months of physical therapy to treat vestibular migraine from Rachael G. at Roots helped me gain control of my life and lessen my anxiety when dealing with an episode. I was heard, treated, and given the best care possible by Rachael. I looked forward to my sessions each week. With such beneficial results, I felt confident enough to re-start my yoga practice at Roots. Taking classes with Sylvie, Julie C., and Amy continued my journey to wellness. I felt truly seen in their classes and the results were blissful. Roots is a very special place where, as soon as you step inside, you are treated as family, as if they’ve known you forever. Their services come with expertise, knowledge, and plenty of HEART.
Rhode Island
I have been going to Danielle for therapeutic massages and she has worked wonders on improving my mobility specifically in my shoulders and upper back. After suffering a few weeks in pain, I had instant relief after my first massage appointment. It’s a great balance of therapeutic and focused work along with relaxation. I cannot recommend Danielle and Roots enough.
Rhode Island
Roots Physical Therapy + Yoga is a welcoming and inclusive environment. While I have only been here for yoga, each experience has left me feeling more at ease and excited to return for another session. Jayna has such a calming presence while still adding a touch of humor during instruction. The entire staff is welcoming, informative and overall kindhearted. Thank you Roots for creating such a beautiful community and space for us all to share!
Rhode Island
Roots PT + Yoga is next level, and they really "get it". I'm a queer, plus sized, cis gender female - and this is one of the safest spaces I've ever experienced. I've received PT treatment by Amy and Alyssa, and they focus on humans at a personal level, and treat pain holistically. The yoga classes and teachers are incredible.. you're treated with kindness, respect, and care. Enthusiastically recommend!!!
Rhode Island
My first appointment at roots, I could barley walk. My sciatica was causing numbness in my leg and I was beyond uncomfortable. By finding the root of the problem and teaching me ways to naturally stretch and use my core to avoid this pain, I have been able to avoid medication to manage this injury. The staff are knowledgeable, understanding and take the time to teach and listen. Over a year later I still pop in from time to time because of the occasional flare up but I have been empowered with the tools to help any flare up become what it was the first day I visited roots.
Rhode Island
I have had fantastic experiences at Roots over the last few months. Jackie is a great physical therapist: she is kind, thorough and responsive and gives specific suggestions for follow up. I have seen REAL improvement on two different issues, with one now completely resolved. And Danielle is a wonderful massage therapist--great balance of focused work with overall relaxation. I am going back to her as often as I can!
Rhode Island
I'm so glad I found Roots! Highly recommend. Everyone is incredibly friendly and professional. Rachael was a huge help with some hip discomfort I was having, and both Rachael and Amy were great to work with for pelvic floor physical therapy and push prep to help me prepare for labor and birth. Danielle was the best prenatal massage I have found in Providence (and I tried a few). Looking forward to getting back in for PT and massage now that I'm post partum.
Rhode Island
I came to Roots, as I imagine many of their other clients do, because I had had poor experiences in other PT settings. I'm 29 years old. I developed sciatica associated with a disc herniation when I was 28 that had progressed to becoming very debilitating. I tried multiple rounds of physical therapy as well as steroid injections. My prior PT was at another, larger practice in the state where the providers appeared overworked. I got the sense no one really had a concept of the underlying factors that had contributed to my particular injury, let alone a well-developed care plan that was specific to my situation. I was at the point of considering surgery.

My experience at Roots was totally the opposite of my prior experience. Jackie, my physical therapist, is wonderful. She has specialized training in orthopedic injuries and it shows; She quickly was able to identify underlying musculoskeletal imbalances and has patiently worked with me to improve my proprioception, strength, and mobility where appropriate. We always do a mix of manual therapy that feels more restorative as well as active exercises that feel more rehabilitative. I never feel rushed, and I get the sense she genuinely cares about me as a whole person.

It has to be said the longer appointment times and wonderful staff come with the trade off that it is more expensive/less financially accessible. I have the financial security and ability to navigate my insurance plan in order to submit my claims after each appointment. Roots does make it clear up front that this is how the billing system works. Even if I had to pay fully out of pocket, last week I was able to dance at my wedding, which was truly unimaginable 3 months ago, and I would have paid anything to be able to do that.
Rhode Island
For 25 years I've had injury related issues with my lower back and hip and have seen my fair share of physical therapists, but no one has ever come close to the care and treatment that Amy Smith @Roots provides. Her expert, personal and hands-on work is unique and exceptional! If I could I'd hire her for life.
Warwick, RI
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