Kundalini Yoga: harmony between mind, body and spirit

Ready to break free from the daily hustle and discover a holistic approach to well-being? Look no further than Kundalini Yoga – where dynamic movements, intentional breathwork, and meditation converge to create a personalized prescription for harmony between your mind, body, and spirit.

Now, let’s pull back the curtain on what goes down in a typical Kundalini Yoga class. We kick things off with a chill vibe – everyone’s seated, and the energy is mellow. We ease into it with breathwork and warm-ups, setting the stage for the adventure ahead. It’s like hitting the reset button, getting your mind and body in sync for what’s to come.

The real magic happens during the Kriya – a curated set of asanas designed for a specific purpose. It’s not your average yoga routine; it’s a dynamic dance that awakens dormant energy, gets the blood flowing, and connects you to your inner powerhouse. Imagine it as your very own choreographed journey towards unlocking your potential.

As the Kriya wraps up, we glide into the final act – meditation. This is your time to shine, exploring the depths of your consciousness. Sometimes it’s a quiet introspection, your moment to go inward. Other times, it’s a fusion of movement, breath, and mantra – a symphony for your soul that leaves you feeling centered and alive.

And let’s talk about those uninvited guests, stress and anxiety. Through purposeful exercises, rejuvenating breath techniques, and mindful meditation, practitioners unlock a serene sanctuary within, bidding farewell to the chaos outside.

Accessibility is key here – whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a complete newbie, Kundalini Yoga welcomes you with open arms. It’s a journey at your pace, a playground for self-awareness and growth.

Written by Shanell Lavery (she/her), Kundalini Yoga teacher at Roots

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