Not Just Kegels

Keep Your Pelvic Floor Happy & Healthy​

Not Just Kegels!

A healthy pelvic floor goes far beyond doing your kegels each day. In fact, most clients experiencing pelvic floor symptoms don’t need to do kegels to get better.

Often, an increase in tension and difficulty relaxing and lengthening your pelvic floor muscles is the problem.

The pelvic floor must be mobile, moving freely with each breath and without restrictions.

The pelvic floor must be stable, providing support to our internal organs and to support our spine at all times.

The pelvic floor must be able to provide extra support when we need it (when we can’t find a bathroom?!?) AND be able to fire at just the right time (when we go for a run or move from sitting to standing.)

pelvic health roots physical therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy doesn’t just treat your symptoms. We figure out the cause of your symptoms and treat that, too.

Your specific plan and treatment goes beyond kegels and stretching and is focused on establishing a healthy balance throughout your core, your pelvis AND your body, addressing posture, breathing, and movement mechanics, too!

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