Meet Our Team


Brittanny Taylor

Yoga Teacher

Brittanny’s approach to yoga is rooted in the belief that the practice is for everyone, regardless of age, body type, or ability. She recognizes that the mainstream yoga culture can be exclusive, promoting a particular aesthetic and body type that can leave many individuals feeling rejected or unwelcome. As a result, Brittanny works to create a more inclusive and welcoming space, encouraging students to embrace their bodies and unique abilities.
She helps her students connect with their bodies through yoga, cultivate inner peace and strength, and build a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance. She offers modifications and variations to poses, allowing individuals to practice safely and comfortably.
Brittanny is certified with a 330-hour training with Original Hot Yoga Academy in September 2020 and a 20-hour yin training with Original Hot Yoga Academy in December 2020.

Alyssa Dawson, PT DPT (she/her)

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Alyssa Dawson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with 4 years’ experience working in pelvic health. She earned her Doctorate from the University of Saint Augustine in South Florida in 2019.

Her passion is in pelvic health physical therapy. She has advanced training through Herman and Wallace’s pelvic health series and loves using her knowledge of orthopedics to treat her patients using a holistic approach. She enjoys working with all populations, all genders, and all diagnoses, but particularly loves treating those during pregnancy and those who are postpartum.

Alyssa lives with her husband and two dogs in Massachusetts. When not at work you can find her out hiking with her dogs or cuddled up on the couch with a book.


Jaclyn Plante PT, DPT, OCS, RYT (she/her)

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Jaclyn Plante is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, with six years experience in rehabilitation. She completed her Bachelor’s of Health and Science Studies in 2013, and earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Quinnipiac University in 2016.

Her primary expertise is orthopedics and sports medicine, but a passion for yoga drives an integration of mindfulness into her practice. She has completed 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2020 with Coral Brown, and also holds certification in Buti Yoga. She has experience teaching both formats in individual and group settings, and enjoys combining elements of these practices to create a specialized and individual rehab program.

Jaclyn resides with her family in a quiet corner of the state, and outside of work enjoys paddleboarding in the summer, skiing in the winter, and practicing yoga daily.


Liz Fayram, RDN

Yoga Teacher/Registered Dietitian/Nutrition Therapist

Liz (she/her) is a holistic healthcare professional providing specialty services for those with eating disorders and body image concerns. She is a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist and a rockstar yoga teacher focused on helping folks practice self compassion.  “Yoga can look and feel different from day to day, so it is important to have a practice (both on and off the mat) that reflects this.”

Yalith Alexson

Yoga Teacher

Yalith prioritizes playfulness and joyful movement in her yoga practice.  She completed her 200hr yoga teacher training with Yoga of Energy Flow in Cambridge, MA followed by her 300hr yoga teacher training at Jala Studio in Providence, RI.  She is also a NASM certified personal trainer and loves to combine traditional yoga with a more contemporary approach to mobility, stability, and strength.  Yalith is HAES-aligned and is passionate about presenting movement in a way that goes against harmful diet culture messaging.  She is also neurodiversity-affirming, trauma-informed, and committed to making her classes inclusive, accessible, and welcoming to all.  


Danielle Voight, LMT (she/her)

Massage Therapist / Yoga Teacher

Danielle is a licensed massage therapist and 200 Hour RYT with a passion for helping others find physical and energetic balance. She received her certificate in massage therapy from Lincoln Technical Institute in 2012 and her 200 hour RYT in Puskar India later that year. In 2014, she was attuned to reiki levels I&II. Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing used to promote relaxation and stress relief. Danielle has returned to India several times to complete additional trainings in meditation and Ayurveda, which is the system of medicine used in India.

As a massage therapist, Danielle uses a variety of modalities to cater to her clients needs, including deep tissue, relaxation, reiki, and trigger point therapy. She delivers intuitive and individualized therapeutic treatments with a focus on well-being and enjoys learning and continuing to develop her skills to better serve her clients.

Danielle found her yoga practice, as so many do, during a very difficult time in her life. She immediately felt a transformation within her, and as a result, around her. The shift was tangible, life became more fun, and she knew this was a practice she wanted to share with others.

Danielle’s vinyasa classes are challenging, creatively sequenced, and often taught with a peak pose at the end. She is encouraging and playful with her students and is known for telling stories about the Hindu deities in her vinyasa classes. Her meditation teacher instilled in her that “Joy is our true nature” and Danielle provides the space for her students to go within, find their true nature, and leave feeling joyful.
Danielle’s main goal is to help people continue doing the things they love, and to live happier, more mobile lives by utilizing the benefits of massage, reiki, and yoga.


Sylvie Le, PT DPT (she/her)

Yoga Therapist/Doctor of Physical Therapy

Sylvie Le, Doctor of Physical Therapy & Certified Professional Yoga Therapist, has been dedicated to bridging the gap between yoga and healthcare since 2015. Sylvie combines her love for movement, body work, meditation, and healing to create educational and therapeutic classes to help people move, feel, and be at their best.

Sylvie received her Masters in Physical Therapy from Springfield College in 2009 and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the Sage Colleges in 2010. She is a graduate of the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute and is certified in teaching Medical Therapeutic Yoga. Additionally Sylvie has also completed training in Pelvic Floor PT through the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, underwent extensive Yoga Teacher Training at an ashram in India, and has become certified in Thai Yoga Massage in Northern Thailand. Syivie is a lover of the arts and creative movement, and really enjoys teaching anatomy and combining her skills to help others better understand their own bodies and minds.


Julie Shore

Yoga Teacher

Julie teaches yoga to share what the practice brought into her own life, namely a means of connecting to her capacity for resilience, inner wisdom and joy. A Southern California native, she has called Providence home since 2009. Yoga has been a part of Julie’s life since childhood both in and out of school. She audited her first teacher training her senior year of high school and returned to a serious study of the practice after graduating from Bard College in 2008. She has been teaching yoga in Providence professionally since 2012, in environments ranging from yoga studios, gyms, school and even the occasional backyard. If you see her biking around the city she is probably on her way to class.

Her classes translate a technical knowledge of asana practice with strong focus on anatomy and alignment. Embedded within this focus are the underpinnings of yogic philosophy which point to developing mindfulness and compassionate awareness. Forever a student, she is always looking for ways to hone and develop her understanding of the human body/ experience and to relate that understanding to the people who practice with her. Julie teaches from her direct experience of yoga as an inclusive, energizing and empowering practice.


Jayna Klatzker, LICSW (she/her)

Somatic Movement Specialist // Yoga Teacher

Jayna is a  Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) who uses movement, meditation and breath as a therapeutic approach to help support folx dealing with anxiety, stress, and issues with neurodiversity.  

She uses the Subtle Yoga method of slow, repetitive, rhythmic movement accessible to all bodies of various sizes, and mobility. Jayna has over 40 years of experience as a clinical social worker, during which time she dedicated much of her practice to working within the LBGTQIA++ community. She remains a strong ally today. Her extensive experience, her fun-loving personality and her sense of humor creates an inclusive and enjoyable environment which holds a safe place for all class members to enjoy.
Roots Physical Therapy + Yoga

Julie Cloutier

Yoga Teacher // Roots Administrative Assistant

Julie is a 500 hour certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher. She completed her first Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2005. This foundational training inspired a lifelong interest in further study. Julie has completed coursework in yin, restorative, rope wall and chair yoga.  Her teaching is greatly informed by her time studying and practicing with her primary teacher, Theresa Murphy.

Roots Physical Therapy + Yoga

Emily C. Smith, MS, CCC-SLP (she/her)

Co-Owner / Speech Language Pathologist

Emily Smith is an experienced Speech Language Pathologist specializing in improving cognitive and communication function at Roots. Her goal is to help people organize their thoughts and attention and devote time and energy on the details that matter most. She offers insight, education and specific strategies to effectively and efficiently problem solve and manage their daily activities, recreational activities and work related activities.

Emily is also Co-Owner of Roots. She handles all things financial and is leading up the buildout of our new Yoga + Movement Space!

Roots Physical Therapy + Yoga

Dr Rachael Giordano, PT DPT OCS (she/her)

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Rachael Giordano is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. Originally from the Philadelphia area in PA, Rachael earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology from the Penn State University and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University. Rachael transplanted to Providence, RI 6 years ago and currently resides in South Kingstown, RI with her partner and 2 puppies (Toad & Fig).

While her focus and expertise is vested in sports and orthopedic rehabilitation, Rachael is also well versed in concussion rehabilitation. She is certified in integrative dry needling that ties into her comprehensive evaluation and treatment from a neuromuscular and skeletal standpoint. Rachael is known for using a biopsychosocial approach and patient demeanor to identify causality of both acute and chronic pain. She is passionate about helping people gain control of their injurie(s) and living their life to the fullest. Rachael is also a former CrossFit coach and currently works with Newport Hospital Vanderbilt Rehab as a clinical specialist PT.

Rachael enjoys spending her days outside with her pups and HUSBAND, taking advantage of living close to beaches, kayaking, and becoming a foodie.

Roots Physical Therapy + Yoga

Amy E. Smith, PT DPT CSCS RYT (she/her)

Founder/Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Amy E. Smith is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the Owner of Roots Physical Therapy. She has 14+ years of experience providing comprehensive physical therapy services to patients throughout the lifespan. She holds advanced certifications and specializes in the areas of orthopedics, pregnancy and postpartum care, pelvic health and pelvic floor dysfunction, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, functional dry needling, and balance and vestibular dysfunction.

She utilizes the biopsychosocial approach to managing chronic pain and complex musculoskeletal conditions. Amy obtained her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Providence Power Yoga in 2018. She combines her skills as an experienced, evidence-based movement specialist with principles of mindfulness, meditation and yoga to provide an individualized, comprehensive, integrated and holistic approach to healing.

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